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Restoration tools

In the course of my trade I tend to have collected many old and useful woodworking tools to help me carry out my work. I am sorry to say that the good ones that don`t get used tend to end up in the bottom of a drawer never to see the light of day again. But the ones I do use tend to get handled every day, so much that I would find it hard to work without them. Below are some examples of the tools I cherish most

This is my favorite woodworking plane. It is a Bailey number 6 and measures about 18 inches long with a two and three eighths inch wide blade. The handle and knob are made from rosewood. I used to have a Stanley smoothing plane and a Stanley five and a half jack plane I rarely use them any more because this plane is so versatile. I purchased this about 32 years ago from a small antique shop in St Culomb Cornwall for about £2.00p. The blade is begining to run out 

Stanley no 6 jack plane

Measuring only 3 inches long and only one and a half inches high, this is the smallest plane in my toolbox. Being used almost on a daily basis it is particularly good for cutting clean corners when rebating for stringing lines and crossbanding. As you can see the body is made from brass and the wedge made from rosewood this plane handles very well in the palm of the hand. Given to me by a fellow restorer.The throat tends to get blocked up sometimes

small brass shoulder plane

Here is another interesting plane. I think it is called a side rebate plane but I am not 100 percent certain. Its primary use, at least for me is for enlarging a groove. It has a rosewood knob and the front part is detachable to facilitate getting close to the end of a groove. Made by Stanley.

Stanley side rebate plane

This Stanley no 9 1/2  block plane is particularly useful because it has an adjustable throat. This can prevent chatter and also stops the grain from tearing . This plane along with the Bailey described earlier is used every day and most often replaces a smoothing plane. Very good for planing down stringing lines and small patches that have been replaced. It is about 33 years old.

Stanley 9 1/2 block plane

This is an old bullnose plane made by Record, and has a number 077 stamped on the side. It is generally used for truing up rebates, and has a detachable end so that the user can get in right up to the end of a stopped rebate

Preston bullnose plane

This is an interesting small tool measuring about 3 inches long. It is a marking gauge made by Stanley. As you can see the cutters are adjusted by turn  bolts that slide in the body. I have honed the cutters so that they can be each used for inside and outside cutting.

a small steel marking guage

old tools used in furniture restoration

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